Journal Tip: Write To Your Kids

Journal Tip: Write To Your Kids

I'm a big advocate of getting the thoughts in your head out and onto paper.

It helps you to better form your thoughts, understand your thinking, and grow your ability to communicate.

Common problems for people new to writing in a journal seem to always be what should I write and why should I write.

Parents have a secret card to play here- you can talk to your kids.

There are probably a million things you wish you could tell your toddler but they'll never understand. There's probably a decision that your teenager says they hate you for, and you would like them to understand but right now is not the moment to explain things.

Use a nightly journal entry to talk to each of your children. It can be a paragraph, it can be a page, it can be one word. Do yourself and them both a favor- speak to them like an adult. Talk to them like you're telling someone today just how much you love your kids. Tell them how they did something silly. How they did something new.

Nothing will make your kids happier than to hear your words of affirmation about everything they've accomplished growing up when they can really, truly appreciate it as a mature person.

Imagine the joy they'll get from getting to read your thoughts to them 20, 30, 40 years from now.

Imagine the comfort you'll have, knowing they can still talk to you when they need you. They may read through your entries and learn how to be a parent, how to handle (or not handle) situations with their own kids.

Maybe all they'll need is to read your love for them on a rough day.

Talk to your kids and stay with them everyday into their futures.