Habits: Small Wins And Ritual Routines

Habits: Small Wins And Ritual Routines

It’s harder than ever to keep a sense of the changing days.

To many, we’re still stuck in March and April 2020. Similarly, there’s an increasing sentiment of “why bother” when it comes to daily routines of what feels like a past lifetime.

As many of us work from home, shift to unemployment, or take on new jobs with completely different demands of our schedules and lifestyles than we’re used to- there’s a lot of change we need to handle.

Not everyone is ready to handle all of this change- and many of us, myself included, are starting to feel the impacts of holding it together this year.

Let's take back our days and give ourselves a foundation to keep our responsibilities, mental state, and relationships in normal, healthy states.

The Common

Tired? Depressed? Go brush your teeth.

Seriously, go.

Feel better? I hope so.

A small act of self-care can go a long way. Good hygiene, plenty of hydration, and healthy food choices. These are all small wins, small parts of a daily routine that should remain cemented within our current and post-pandemic lifestyles.

Staying home outside of grocery shopping and other essential trips is not an excuse to forego bathing, teeth brushing, hair trimming, and being satisfied with your state of being.

If you're feeling down, feeling lost, without hope- lean into these basic habits.

It may be tough if you're feeling really low- that's okay. Focus on adding one piece of self-care back into your day to day as much as you can. Small steps will get you moving the direction you want to be.

The New

If you're doing okay with your common day to day self-care, congratulations. Maybe you're still feeling like something is missing, something is off, or you just need a change.

What's something small that you can add to your daily routine for the next 30 days?

Some ideas:

  1. Write 250 words
  2. Workout for 20 minutes
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Cook at least one meal
  5. Make your bed
  6. Solve a cross-word
  7. Watch and review a movie
  8. Spend another 30 minutes with your kids
  9. Put your phone away for an hour
  10. Compliment your partner in a new way

We're not looking for giant commitments but small wins that allows us to grow with consistency. Pick something you'll look forward to doing. It'll stick for longer and that's what we're after.

The Great

What's something you'll be proud to do every day? This could be something relatively small or a big win that you can go for each day.

How would you feel waking up to a clean kitchen every day? Make sure your kitchen is clean before bed.

Will you work better in a more organized space? Use the last 20 minutes of your work day to organize your work area.

Greatness is a feeling but more importantly - it's relative. Celebrate without comparison and you'll find your confidence, joy, and satisfaction growing like a Tesla stock chart.