HappyDadFitness is a project created by health, fitness, and technology enthusiast Brandon Brown.

Hi, that's me. Bonus-dad to three and a doting daddy to one small toddler. I believe in always striving to better yourself and want to show all these kids what happens when determination, hard work, and caring come together.

I also know that I'm not the only dad thinking like this.

Through this project, I hope to help other dads and those filling the role of dads to be healthier, ever evolving, and always growing role models for their children.

With a focus on physical fitness, mental growth, social responsibility, and spiritual awareness I believe we can all become that role model we want to be.

The mission of HappyDadFitness is to give dads the tools they need to grow their personal happiness, self-satisfaction, and joy of the world so they may raise children that will model the positivity and opportunity that comes with growing up in an environment filled with these feelings.